Full Service Design

This service is ideal for those clients who wish to update/renovate an existing residence or are in the process of building a new custom home. After initial meetings to determine project scope, budget and style preferences, an in-depth design proposal is developed. Once we decide to move forward, plans documenting all design recommendations, contract labor quotes, material selections and project execution are produced and reviewed with the client for approval.

We work with with architects, contractors and vendors to ensure your design, schedule, and budget requirements are met from project concept to completion. Procurement of all finish materials including carpet, flooring, countertops, lighting, plumbing, furniture and accessories is offered along with design, fabrication & installation of custom window treatments. Design Proposal cost is $350 and will be applied towards the Design Fee. We work on a combination of flat rate plus tiered hourly rates.

Custom Pricing

Hourly Design

This service is available to the client who desires open-ended, hourly design consulting. The client may purchase this service on an as-needed basis. Design recommendations are documented during the consultation and provided to the client for reference. A minimum of 2 hours is required.

$150 per hour

Design in a Day

Do you have a design dilemma in your home?  Do you need a color consultation?  Do you have space planning problems you need to address? Are you tackling a DIY project and need direction?

We’ll block out 4 hours of one-on-one time addressing all your decorating and design questions.  We’ll begin with a complimentary breakfast or lunch to go over what style and feeling you’re looking for in your home and what you’d like to accomplish that day. This can be used for a whole house walk-thru; addressing issues in every area of your home or a single room or project.  Even if you have plans to do your project (s) in stages, I can help you create an action item list of what to do when and how to get started, assisting you with prioritization, scheduling and planning.  You then will have a ‘blue print’ if you will, for the updating and decorating of your home. 

Once we’ve finished your home “refresh”, I will create a digital inspiration board for you that will include notes, photos of furniture or items that would work well in your space, tricks of the trade, and shopping resources. You will also be able to edit this file to continue with your project(s) down the road. Of course, we’d love to be involved with those too!


*We offer our listing clients complimentary design and staging consultations and 25% off of all home staging rental fees.